New version of Drupal topic map module available for download

Submitted by abdourh on Tue, 07/22/2008 - 03:26

Zip. The documentation and a demo are online here. I'll be presenting on the module at Extreme Markup in August. (Here is an earlier presentation.)

Many improvements (see the the TODO.txt in the distribution) including:

1. Added generic validation for all associations.

2. Added type plug-ins, with type validation and reporting by type

3. Improved TOC functionality and added API to TOC from plug-ins.

4. Added find plug-ins for similarity and "six degrees" finding.

5. Improved find menu items and functionality.

6. More regression testing.

7. Better documentation and many more examples

8. Simplified database schema somewhat.

Next move is to simplify the database schema and port to MySQL from PostGres.* Even better would be to develop overlapping markup functionality using JQuery, but for now, embedded, wiki-like markup is functional, and people understand it.

* I wanted the GIS functionality!

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