I have come across Amasagu'nteg as an original Native American name for the Androscoggin River. Can anyone help me with what it means?

The FAQ for the Passamaquoddy Living Language System

Passamaquoddy Living Language System


This project develops a multi-sensory language preservation strategy using interactive web based technology. The system promotes multi-tiered generational language learning for the Maine Native American Passamaquoddy tribe.

Sikileyum Story Recording



mokahk. noun animate. (fish) striped bass, sea bass, black bass. plural mokahkiyik. possessed mokahkemol. locative mokahkik. diminutive mokahkehsis. Mesq nomiyaw mokahk. I haven't seen a sea bass yet. Mokahkiyik-ona iyuwok lontokuk? Are there any bass in freshwater lakes?

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